Pull Game (Guaranteed Hits)
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Pull Game (Guaranteed Hits)

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Guaranteed hits! All cards are ultra rare or better (baby shiny, full art, vmax, rainbow, etc) You are purchasing (1) ONE Pull to be opened LIVE on stream at twitch.tv/g3llyg3l. If purchased off stream, your order will be opened next time we go live. All hits will go into sleeves, toploaders, and team bags for extra protection.


  • Gold Mew
  • Skyla Full Art
  • PIka/Zekrom Box
  • Fusion Strike ETB
  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
  • Pokemon Shining Pearl


First 10 people to purchase 5 pulls or more will be entered to win a Dark Sylveon Box. We will spin wheel of death to decide the winner!


EVERY 5 PULLS = 1 ENTRY TO WIN THE CGC 9.5 SHINY CHARIZARD V. There are also fire energies randomly throughout the boxes which will give you an extra entry for the zard. Once the pull game sells out we will spin the wheel of death to decide the winner!

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