What is a LIVE BREAK?

The basic idea is that the "breaker" - (the person opening the cards) - opens cards live on stream. Live breaks are exciting because you don't know what cards will get pulled and you get to watch live and experience it with the breaker and everyone else in chat.

Do you sell whole boxes for breaks?

Yes, we do! We typically sell single packs, so just check how many packs are contained in the particular box you want and add that many to your cart for purchase.

Do you sell sealed products?

Unfortunately we do not sell sealed product at this time. Everything purchased through our website will be opened live on stream for you.

Can i get a refund?

We do NOT accept refunds once packs are opened. All sales are final!

How do i cancel my order?

If you'd like to cancel for any reason you can dm any of my socials, email me at purincollectibles@gmail.com or if I'm live on twitch you can just tell me in chat. I can cancel as long as nothing has been opened yet.

How does pre-order work?

For pre-orders you will be charged for the full amount up front. We will contact you once we receive our shipment of that product so you can tune in to watch the live stream. Your box/packs will be opened in the order it was received.

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